1. We are one of the prestigious suppliers in spices and seasonings.

2.  We are a manufacturer and we process products by ourselves since we have full abilities of controlling our quality

3. We commit to bring green, healthy agricultural products and high – top quality for all our customers




Different from many other suppliers who are working as traders only, we own two large-scale factories with 2 hectares for each. Our factories are located in raw material areas so that we can purchase directly from farmers fastest at any time. Besides, we also save cost of transportation since we give competitive price to customers.Being equipped with modern production lines, our products meet the toughest standards of all markets.

We own two big factories:

Factory of cassia and star anise is located in Bac Giang province including

80 full time and 20 part time workers at the middle of season.

Factory of pepper belong in Dak Nong province with 30 workers do regularly.


Black and white pepper: 30-35 containers.

Cinnamon cassia: 25-30 containers.

Star anise: 15-20 containers.


We have stable and strong finance with abundant money flow and clean business. Thanks to this, we have overcome the most difficult periods of market and become one of the leaders in spices and seasonings.


With ten years of experience in spices field, We know exactly what our customer need. We are confident to bring suitable products for multi markets with different standards.


We know that quality is the most important factor in business. Therefore, we have built a brand with good quality, on-time shipments.


Thank to maintaining premium quality, we are a well-known supplier in many markets as:  India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Guatemala, Germany, Maylaysia, Srilanka, Indonesia…

More and more we are receiving good feedbacks from our customers.

  1. Mr Pankaj, director of Hipan Trading Company in India talked thật “ Mr Hùng, Prosi is the best supplier of cassia and star anise because quality is really good” ( Mr Hưng is General director of Prosi)Mr
  2. Nipon Pongprueksa, boss of  Bangkok Crude Drugs Import & ExportCo.,Ltd in Thailand expressed that “  Your quality is special so we surely do business in long term with Prosi”
  3. Mr Jayantilal Doshi from G.T Jayanti Argo Chem India Pvt. Ltd admitted “ Ms Nancy, your quality make my Srilankan client satisfied. He required me to buy from Prosi only in next time”